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Music Workshops

Here is an article from the South Bay's Neighbor in the Seaford Edition.  It was written by Noelle Lambert.  We are grateful to share it with you!






Help Hope & Smiles Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping children with autism, recently teamed up with Diana's Music Lessons, a private in-home music lesson and instrument rental company, to put on a free Autism-Friendly Parent and Child Music Workshop.  The event ran for 75 minutes at the Seaford Public Library on June 2nd.


Children ages 4-8 attended with a guardian to not only enjoy all that was offered, but to learn and grow through the wonders of music.


The event was split into three segments:  a drum circle, which helped children learn, retain and create drumming patterns; a keyboard lesson, which allowed the children to match color-coded keyboard keys to color-coded sheet music so they could easily learn simple songs; and, lastly, a creative music-based craft, which allowed these children to create and decorate their own percussion instruments.


Each child has his or her own strengths, and this event helped showcase that.  This won't be the last free event that Help Hope & Smiles puts on.  Visit their Facebook page to learn more about what they are up to, and visit their website.  Also stop by to book your first in-home lesson today!

Contact us to learn more about music workshops:

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